My car stalled quite unexpectedly whilst I was trying to turn onto South Street. The asshole behind me honked and made a fuss of overtaking (c’mon old man). I overtook him later because I have to put assholes in their place. Today, I ended up washing my car and checking the engine oil to find that it was low. Looks like I’m sending my car to the mechanic’s again, which is good because I need to get it looked at before going for pracs anyway. Man, sometimes I wish I got a better car. But then I found a Groupon deal that allows me to get my car serviced and vacuumed (!!) for $79. Hallelujah. 

Now I only have to ask for a quote for an oil leak inspection, and ask if rotating the tyres are included in the $79. I don’t mind paying more since I got an online quote of $240 for all of the above. The best thing is that the mechanic’s is literally 300m away. Looks like I’m sending my car there from now on. $79 is dirt cheap I cannot believe it. Sucks that my car needs work done, but so be it it’s better than spending hundreds servicing a car that is terribly spoilt. Looks like the only trips I’ll be making for the next few days will be to uni and back on Tuesday and Thursday, and to meet the family for an early dinner on Thursday after my afternoon paper. 

Groupon is such a wonderful thing though. I was browsing it and was thinking of buying a coupon for eyebrow microblading or whatever you call it. So interesting, and so cheap. Gym memberships are cheap too! Maybe I should go and lift some weights and not look terribly skinny even though I eat a lot. I ate a 250g piece of salmon today. I’m so full 😦 but I strongly believe that to be smart you gotta eat good things! So I spent $6 on 250g of salmon lmao. 

In my defence I went for a run before that and washed my car because the birds have shat on it. I deserved a good meal. I have stocked up on Doritos and chips because they were on sale this week. This morning, in an attempt to reset my sleep schedule, I woke at 8.30 to feed my patients and let the dog out. She sprinted figures of 8 around me and it makes me happy to see that she is happy. Animals bring me a lot of joy (I still highly dislike Homo sapiens though). There’s an adorable stray cat in the clinic and she’s so manja (ha, see I know my singlish!) that I would totally adopt her if not for the fact that I am unable to commit. She is completely distracting though I cannot imagine having her as a study companion. Give me honey any day! 

I had a nice conversation with my Mom as well. And being the slightly vain person that I am I told her to bring over some spf 130 sunblock because I need it for my face. I have things to discuss with my Mom when she’s here. Serious business. And I also have to think about the next time I’m going home. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen anytime soon. If anything, I tell myself that I’ll be back next December for a whole 2 weeks. And it doesn’t make sense to fly back on a whim. 


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