by Jolyn Low

I’m not one to brag, but I think I’m now pretty damn good with kids. Of both kinds.

The farmers have 5, and literally every doe has a couple as well. I find them all quite cute, and I love the farm despite the shitty weather and long drives. I wish I could bring the littlest white one, “the runt”, home with me. His back is about 15cm long, and he weighs next to nothing. When I was carrying the disbudded (ones that had their horns burnt off) ones back to their moms, he snuck out of the milking shed and 4 of them ran after me up and down the fields. The farmers saw and laughed, saying that they liked me and I’m their mom now. I don’t mind having 4 kids, really, as long as they are of the four legged kind.

They are very patient and kind. I was allowed to attempt trimming the overgrown feet even though I failed miserably because I have small hands and the tools are big and heavy. I also did my first ever castration! #achievementunlocked

The apartment now feels very lonely and empty. I sold Wilbur because I just couldn’t give him enough attention and honestly got quite bored of him. I’m the only one at home these days as well, for my new housemate has not arrived. I’m literally juggling farm prac in the day and work at night. Which honestly isn’t really fair considering the current circumstances but I’ve learnt that there’s no point getting angry when someone doesn’t meet your expectations. But it really isn’t fair when I get no consideration at all.