I spent my past week solving sudoku puzzles, finishing The Legend of Korra, hiking and going for vet professional life camp. Being the extreme introvert that I am, I dreaded the thought of another camp after having gone for several in my high school days. It’s never comforting not having space, and I tend to prefer being in the comfort of home. The two nights were great though – playing drinking games, learning things about people, having conversations and getting pissed. I enjoyed the high elements courses and got to do the rock climbing wall which resulted in body aches and the awareness of muscles I never knew existed. I wish I had been stronger and gotten further up even though I’ve checked that off my bucket list for winter break.

According to the clinical psychologist, love is ‘unconditional positive regard’. How interesting.

Being the idiotic 21 year old that enjoys social drinking, I have somehow survived on <8 hours of sleep for the past 2 days. Here’s to not becoming a mess and getting my shit together before uni restarts.


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