This week was a week of many firsts for me. I started gymming regularly, attending group fitness sessions that have pushed me beyond whatever I have done in the past year. Also, on the work related front I have officially conducted my first ever group study sessions which is very exciting, but quite daunting because I worry that what I planned was not beneficial to my attendees. I do think that it went well though, for they seemed engaged and willing to come back next week. I take that as a tiny step in the right direction, for facilitation and running group sessions has never been my thing. I’ve always been too shy, too quiet to actually have any presence and command attention but I seem to have been going okay.

List of random life tips I’ve gathered from this week:

  • Just do the fucking dishes. Don’t wait any longer because chances are it just gets more disgusting the longer you leave it in the sink. Also, it just takes 2 minutes so get it done and out of the way!
  • If you are anal about eating fresh fruit and vegetables because of cleanliness (i.e. like me), buy bananas or mandarins because then you don’t have to worry about eating stuff that parasites have been/are on.
  • To avoid bad traffic and getting angry, make your trip in the early morning or night. Driving at night always feels great because literally the whole strip of highway is yours, and the lights turn in your favour that much quicker.
  • Always try to reach out to/be grateful for your community. The cleaners opposite the road told the nurses that some creeps were peeking into my car. Then they told me to park my car in the locked compound because it’s clearly unsafe. God knows how poor I’ll be from replacing a broken window if someone tried to break into my poor little Marcelo.
  • Also: don’t ever give in. Don’t compromise, don’t bend over backwards for anyone. Don’t lower your standards thinking that it might lead to an end point that you desire. It won’t, ever. Life is easier when you live without heart.

And that is all. I’ve been trying to be mindful, appreciating nice sunsets and rainbows when I see them. Waking up in the middle of the night because of a bad storm is no longer that terrible anymore.


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