2. Alternatives

by Jolyn Low

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how life would be like in another universe. What if I’d not chosen to focus my efforts in Perth, and instead in Singapore? Would I be lazing my summer away at home, close to whatever friends and family I have but without purpose and ambition? But enough about ‘what ifs’ about a parallel universe in which I retain some idiotic optimism about the prospect of a career in Singapore. More recently, I’ve been considering what I want in my future.

I would wish for stability and love. To wake up in someone else’s arms and roll out of bed with lots of time to cook breakfast and do domestic things. I would like a poodle or poodle-cross-something. And it should have a companion, which the imaginary partner can choose because I’m cool with anything. A fluffy black cat with intriguing green eyes would be a nice addition, and two kids (preferably boys) might be alright. But in this case, I am isolated and it is impossible for such a situation to occur in SG because I imagine a temperate climate, lots of space to run around and homey architecture.

More realistically, I shall struggle to pursue my career and bring it to the greatest heights I could possibly bring it to. I will probably reach 30 before I know it and panic about being 30 and alone. This might involve a shotgun marriage of some sort given that, fingers crossed, I am attractive enough to be snapped up then. And I just hope that I do not lose sight of my ultimate goal.

But enough of what-ifs – because I have clearly chosen. And I chose to run away.

Add on: I have realized that the only things I feel confident making in the kitchen are fried eggs, salmon, mashed potatoes, japanese curry and aglio olio. Lord save me. Also, mulling over the idea of a tattoo. Hm.