3. Virgin tries

I woke up at 4am and saw a cockroach running around my room so I staked it out for 5 minutes before smashing it with my drug classification book. First time killing a big one and I feel accomplished as hell – this is coming from someone who would call for her brother to kill the little ones back at home. Goes to show when you’ve got no one to depend on you suddenly become brave.

This led to OCD cleaning of every corner of my room and now I’m going to spray every gap to make sure every insect dies before it enters my room.

I spent Australia day trying to snorkel but really just getting thrown about by the waves. The reef cut my knees and shins and I feel quite afraid of the open sea in all honesty. We had a picnic in a little cove before heading back to weed. Which resulted in a ridiculous afternoon falling on our asses (because wrestling weeds and using one’s body weight to pull them out is a thing) and laughing about how we got ripped off doing this all for $10 chicken nuggets.

What a day of firsts – first time snorkeling and weeding.

On a sad note, it’s coming to the end of January. In my eyes this month has completely flown by; I am completely not ready for year 3 and for uni to restart. Thankfully enough I have fewer shifts this month so I will have more time to read and prepare myself and not be an idiot when school restarts.

My eyes are watering for no reason and my head is so sunburnt it hurts to shower in warm water. Perhaps spending winter break back home won’t be a bad idea at all. We shall see.

I spent some time with old friends visiting old haunts and hangouts. I also saw the sunset around 8pm which is rare these days. I love how alien it looks, and I don’t think I will ever tire of watching the last bits of light disappear. It reminds me that every bad day has its end, and I will find a home. Eventually.


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