4. Onwards

I’ve been making it a point to read more this year. Hopefully, given that I muster up some blatantly lacking discipline and determination, I would be able to cover 52 books. I’m currently sitting at a measly 7, which doesn’t really encourage me but it will have to do. Of all the ridiculous things that I can cry over – sad love stories and the like, I still find myself crying over animals dying in the books. It is ridiculous, and I am so embarrassed because I think that the first time I did cry reading a book was when a foal in the book died as well. I’ve been trying to train myself to be less of a crybaby but damn, it really hits me hard.

I don’t struggle with the fact that I would spend a significant amount of time putting animals down in the future though. As long as I don’t feel attached or invested in someone else’s story. That will be fine.

February has been good thus far. Some friends and I went mini golfing and had brunch at this beautiful restaurant in the hills. It’s so beautiful – I want to bring my family here if they’re ever in Perth again.

Other than lazing at home I’ve been spontaneously hanging out with friends when they pop by to visit and it has been great. I love having the flat to myself, and spring cleaning is rather therapeutic. I’m refurbishing my room and buying myself new furniture, which hopefully goes well. I also went through all the crap that is the kitchen cupboards and cleared out all the things that have just been left to rot. Do I get good karma if I donate and give to the needy? I really hope so.

I’m very excited for my trip to Hong Kong over the easter study break. I’ll finally be out of the country for a bit and in luxury for just a little while. It’s my first time flying SIA for the longest time, and I am literally so excited to have congee, xlb and heaps of dim sum. I also get a couple of days at home with the dog. Life is so good, and I can’t be more grateful for everything that has happened. This life is more than good enough. Also, a reminder to myself that I am good enough.


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