by Jolyn Low

I learnt how to play mahjong and played it overnight before rolling into work on Saturday surviving on Oldtown White Coffee(s) with no sleep at all. The moment I got home I crashed for 13 hours and I have declared Sunday as my ‘recuperating from bad life decisions’ day. But hey it’s just week one of many long arduous weeks to come, and I have worked hard this week. Kinda.

If all is well I shall survive my 9 hours of back-to-back lectures (with a one-hour ‘break’ that I am going to run my class in). I sincerely hope that I manage to do it all and survive.

I have realised that I have become very bitchy. To be fair, I just have no tolerance for hypocrites or repeated wussing out and I am incredibly irritable when it comes to others’ idiosyncrasies. I will bitch and I will criticize but I will not confront because I am passive and non-confrontational till something really needs to be said and done. If karma is a thing I am seriously screwed because my internal dialogue and unfiltered comments can be brutal and harsh.

Just let me get through as a decent student, become a respectable professional (if I can) and I’ll be happy for the rest of my life.