18 more days, my love. Just 18 more days!

Also had a great weekend – with a dinner, mahjong, another dinner with friends, alone time, and a hike and brunch after at an amazing cafe. I wish to convince myself that this can be enough for me; it is more than enough.

I think my plans to explore Australia with my cousin might have gone down the drain. And whilst I am somewhat disappointed, I am rather relieved as I am not too keen on parting with the nice sum of money that I have saved just to travel in a way I might not 100% agree with. I literally do not want to be the kind of person that has no money of my own. And I suppose with every disappointment comes a blessing – I have more time to do my clinical prac, write my report and hopefully work more.

I have my whole December back in Singapore and I do not know what to do with it other than to swipe tinder relentlessly for shits and giggles and in an attempt to widen my social circle. Then again I hate shallow conversations with dick heads and I refuse to invest any time or resources getting to know someone if it doesn’t result in a future together. Which basically means that I can’t even be bothered to try because I do not know my future i.e. working in SG as a fresh grad is not a goal I am actively setting out after because really, I have nothing other than Honey and my family to come back for. Someone bless my nunnery and dedication to saving animals, please.

I think that I would love to settle where I can spend my weekends having quality time doing the things that make my soul happy like hikes and brunch after. Where I can experience the seasons as they change and actually live in a little place completely mine and done up by me. I’d be damned if this actually happens and I end up somewhere I would love to be.


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