• Watched Koizora and spent a good half an hour sobbing away because I am a softie inside. At the same time, it’s ridiculous-tragic which I don’t appreciate.
  • Got good reviews for my work appraisal! Thank goodness; I am so relieved. So apparently I don’t suck as much as I think I do.
  • I have the most packed and ridiculous schedule tomorrow with an assignment on top of an exam and class participation grades at stake. Someone pray for my grades.
  • Guinea pigs are awesome fairy potatoes and I can’t wait for the day I bring one home for good. Or maybe I should just get one and road trip with it throughout the Aussie or the world, wherever I may go. And we can take tourist photographs at every attraction on a mad road trip should I ever take up a job over east.
  • 3 sessions of f45 and I like how my body is changing!
  • Good things have been happening. I am grateful. Kind of.
  • I was worried after my exam because I have superficial cuts and punctures over my hand – it looks bad. So I went to get my tetanus jab and antibiotics and started whining after when I had to shift gears whilst driving my car.

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