I live for the days without plans, wandering about doing my favourite things with no other care. Yesterday was the best – vetting rabbits, eating IKEA meatballs, collecting toxic plants before a mini road-trip where we sampled liquor, chocolate, cheese and wines. After which was more plant collection, musings about living in HDB-priced houses that look perfect in the more far away suburbs, getting the best Korean beef soup in the city, waiting for an hour for bubble tea and karaoke in the car to Disney and 2000s hits.

I honestly doubt that any day could have been more carefree and exhilarating. It was a break that I didn’t know that I had needed that badly and I am glad for the day away from everything else. It kind of carried over to today when I got the rest of my life back in order and went to the gym before buying a shit load of food because I can, making roast pork, cleaning and doing light work before the week ahead. I predict the week ahead to be hectic and a much needed week to catch up on many things. I wish for this semester to be over ASAP and I’ll be that much closer to becoming a vet. This month marks the almost-halfway point of my degree – I will get there!

On another musing, I feel like I have changed so immensely over the past two years. And not just looks-wise. I am confident(-ish) in my abilities and know my way around animals and people alike. Vetting rabbits and performing clinical examinations on cows is do-able and a far cry from me struggling with cattle in year one. Not that I don’t struggle; I do. I just find it amazing how far I’ve come and grown – in the past year, even.

I am aiming for the stars but all I wish to be, at the end of the day, is to be a person doing good for animals and for people alike. That, and being able to have spontaneous adventures with good food and people I love around me would make me a very happy person indeed.


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