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Gemini Feed

And to think you would get me to the altar
Like I follow you around like a dog that needs water
But admit it that you wanted me smaller
If you would have let me grow
You could have kept my love

And she said, “it’s about a relationship I was in that was very intense. I feel strange even talking about it because it’s like a diary entry. But what I will say is this: the people who affect you the most are the ones closest to you, and usually the ones you know you really love.”

I’ve been feeling this song and it’s just replaying in the background. I am obsessed.



Boy, when I left you, you were young
I was gone, but not my love
You were clearly meant for more
Than a life lost in the war
I want you to be happy
Free to run, get dizzy on caffeine
Funny friends that make you laugh
And maybe you’re just a little bit dappy
Feel your mother at your side
Don’t you know you got my eyes
I’ll make you fly
You’ll be happy all the time
I know you can make it right
Boy, now your life is back-to-front
But you’ll see that’s not for long
‘Cause I know you’ll feel the ghost
Of some memories so warm

I just watched Train to Busan today, and my roommate asked me what I would do if I were in the situation of being in a zombie apocalypse. Of course, I joked, being the selfish asshole that I am, that I would save myself. But no, I wouldn’t have. I would’ve (given my skills) tried to find a cure. I might not have the same sentiments of saving my child as I don’t know what a mother’s love is, but I think that all of us┬ácan agree that life extends beyond our personal trajectories.