Isolated thoughts

Category: Poetry

Death’s hands

Today you were cradled in my frail arms
for the first time and for the last that you will
be encapsulated in another's fleeting embrace

My hands they hold you close but ever so sinisterly,
too close. They restrain you and fool you with their security.
I wish that you understood why they had to, 
it is for your own good, that is what we say.

But there are the feelings of grief arising inside,
when your heartbeat fades so close to mine;
When you wear the devil's gloves for a moment,
and take away what is a life.


These streets are no longer familiar to my brain, 
let alone the lack of trees shielding me from their gaze.
Bus routes and train tracks so well-acquainted but 
I double check them just in case.

The heaviness of the air weighs me down with every breath I take -
and I struggle to break free from the shell that I once was in this 
place, city, or perhaps I can call it home but it is not the same.
I remain incarcerated by my memories,
a reminder of a different time and place. 

If I could accept this as my reality perhaps 
I would allow myself the disillusion that this is my forever place.
But no, this city is temporary and I know
that at least for now I long for a greater, vast space.


Why do we choose to let:
our insecurities, doubts, negative natures and the like
take hold of our throats and 
suffocate us in these choppy waters.

Choosing the depths of the darkness was a silly idea,
dear child, listen to me!
Please stop; but these decisions are not theirs to make 
remember these people whom you have chosen to forsake

When we finally look back we see;
hindsight always sheds light for thee when there is little positivity
in the end we learn always -
Strive on, young one, and just be unforgivingly ‘me’

In memory of:

I carry your words like a cross upon my back;
the last ones, for they are the only ones that remain 
when we choose our individual paths down this mountain of shame. 

Life Itself

Fling your rocks at my naked body, 
fool me with your sweet nothings and meaningless promise -
terrorise this fragile spirit’s dwelling and strike fear!

For the child does not crumble before you
This youth will rise before you
And this young adult will defeat you. 

Rejection of your kind I do not fear
With open arms will I welcome you closer
Come, stranger 
I dare you to make me perish in your fire